In this section, we tried to give information about terms that are often found in the furniture sector.

Open Shelf - A wardrobe made specifically to ensure easy recognition and visibility of books and products in libraries and shops. Similar cabinets can also be used at home.

Dismantling Furniture - Furniture made so that it can be disassembled and re-assembled.

Fiberboard (fiberboard) - is a sheet material made by hot pressing a carpet of wood fibers. These fibers can be obtained by crushing and steaming wood raw materials. As raw materials, residues from the production process of boards and logs, technological chips and wood are used.

Particle board (chipboard) - sheet material made by hot pressing of wood particles. Chipboard meets the most stringent requirements - there are no such flaws as internal voids and cracks. Among the most important qualities are high strength, rigidity, uniformity, softness during processing, the ability to firmly hold nails and screws.

Foldable cover - A cover of furniture that can be opened using horizontal rods and can be used as a table in a horizontal position.

The film with the finish effect (Finischfolie) is a single-layer paper film with imitation of the pores of wood, coated with varnish.

Eaves - The linear element made of one or several profiles which supplements furniture composition. The eaves have a protrusion outside. Usually mounted on the cornice gable.

Class E1 - chipboard quality standard. This means that the use of this material is possible in the manufacture of even medical furniture (a standard for controlling the removal of harmful materials, especially carcinogenic formaldehyde and phenol).

Laminate - Laminated paper decorative material. Types of laminate: High Pressure Laminate (HPL) - coating material, pressed under high pressure in floor presses; Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) is a coating material pressed under low pressure in belt presses.

Laminated chipboard / MDF is a special decorative paper board impregnated with melamine (because of this, it is sometimes called a melamine board). Laminated board has high consumer characteristics - heat resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to friction and other defects.

Marquetry (net) - Kit assembled from veneer particles. The famous French furniture maker Andre-Charles Boule (1642 - 1732) collected mosaic patterns of bronze on the background of turtle shells, ebony and other similar materials. At the heart of this technique, which received the names of “Mosaic of Buhl” and “Marquetry of Buhl”, is boring on the layers of material laid on each other at the same time as the background and the elements of the edge.

MDF is an abbreviation of the expression Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF boards are made by wood fibers. This makes boards ecologically valuable. MDF boards are very durable and dense, which makes them ideal for painting or lamination.

Lamination is the process of facing boards or their parts with a special paper film. Lamination is carried out in the form of gluing the facing material on the boards only in hot presses. The temperature of the press is 190-210 °C, and the duration is 30-40 seconds. Laminated board has a high resistance to mechanical and chemical stress.

Post forming is the process of sticking facing material to the edges of pieces of furniture.

Press forming - processing technology MDF boards. Using this technology, decorative relief is applied to the surface of the board.

PVC - In the furniture industry is used as a facing material. Once this material is shaped, this material belongs to a group of thermoplastics with the property of repeated processing. Polymer films come in different colors, printed and embossed, matte and glossy. They are long-standing; resistant to acetic acid, ethyl alcohol and alkali; They do not contain substances harmful to the human body.

Soft forming is a technology for making laminated chipboards used to create furniture facades.

Texture - In Latin “textura” means fabric, staging, connection, structure. The texture gives information about the surface features of any fabric or material, based on the internal structure and structure. The texture is determined by the objective physical and chemical properties of the material and this is different from the texture.

Tempered glass - This glass belongs to the class of protective glasses. While breaking glass packs fly apart into smaller pieces, tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger and in case of breaking it is not dangerous.

Track - Special rails that are used in wardrobes. With the help of these rails, the doors of the closet compartment mounted on small rollers move, open and close.

Stained Glass - A decorative work of art made from colored glass or from any translucent material.

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