Usually, when people buy furniture, they do not expect any additional functions from it, except for the main ones. For example, if the closet is for hanging clothes, then bed is for sleeping. But the team of our designers, considering it important to add additional functions so that the furniture becomes maximum consumer-friendly, has applied these ideas in the development of many models. For example, those who want to choose an outfit at night open the closet doors, the photo elements mounted on the hangers are turned on and it becomes bright inside the closet. In addition, inside the cabinets are separate sections for different types of clothing. Pants, shirts, accessories - everything in its place. As a result, the wardrobe becomes more organized and less time is spent searching for the right clothes. A separate light system is installed in the mirror so that women can comfortably dress up. Also, for those who wake up at night to drink water, a sensory lighting system is installed around the perimeter of the bed. And for lovers of reading there is a separate function. So, on the right and left sides of the bed there are mini lamps. For small and narrow rooms, the closets of most of the bedroom sets are created in two versions: with standard doors and in the form of closets.

These principles are also used for cushioned furniture. We began to use more efficient and convenient mechanisms. No more help is needed to open the sofa and make a bed. To do this, you just need to start the mechanism with a slight movement of the hand. And in the future, to facilitate the cause of women, mattresses will be installed in the sofas. With one hand movement the sofa turns into a real bed.

Models of Italian, Russian and Turkish designers will be added to the product portfolio. The models will use natural wood elements. Veneers will also be used.

We adhere to these principles in our stores. Another innovation of our company is that the customer buys in the store not only furniture, but also suitable table, chair and carpet to complement the interior. So, in stores we present not just furniture, but concept.

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